Release date: March 3, 2015
Gideon's Children

Set amidst the tumultuous and transformative 1960s, Gideon’s Children tells the fascinating story of the idealistic young men and women who staffed the newly formed and expanded Public Defender Offices after the Supreme Court’s momentous 1963 decision that mandated the right to counsel when charged with a crime. Facing virulent bias, they summoned a warrior spirit, and like Rocky in the courtroom, bravely led a revolution within the Criminal Justice System as part of the greater Civil Rights Movement.

With the spotlight focused on five young Public Defenders fiercely battling prosecutors, cops, and judges within the raw environment of murder, rape, robbery, and drugs, as the intense drama unfolds, the novel weaves together the threads that form its essential lesson: That the power of the State is enormous, and that the only true protection against governmental abuse of power is the individual’s supremely valuable constitutional rights!

Increasingly relevant today in view of the 1984-like issues arising under the Patriot Act and highly invasive governmental spying, this lesson reminds that the more things change, the more they stay the same, as further evidenced by the disproportionate share of young black men in our prisons, and others killed for walking and driving while black.

“What’s the matter, Jew-boy, jigaboo-lover?” Judge Steiggerman snarled out through a crooked smile, fuming in chambers at my refusal to continue a case. “Well, I guess you haven’t learned that all a Public Defender is, is a kike like you, defending your n—-r clients from the good-guy WASPs like me!”

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